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  1. Plural of kid


  1. third-person singular of kid

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Kid usually refers to a young goat or human child.
Kid or Kids may also refer to:
In computing and video gaming:
  • Kid (Chrono Cross), a major character in the PlayStation role-playing game Chrono Cross
  • Kid (Mario), a character in the handheld versions of the Mario Golf video game series
  • Kid (templating language), a template engine for XML-based vocabularies written in Python
  • KID, acronym of Kindle Imagine Develop, a Japanese computer game developer
  • .kid, a proposed top-level domain for websites designed for children
    • .kids, another proposed domain for websites designed for children
  • Kid, a character in the video game Jak II
  • KID, an abbreviation for a chess opening called the King's Indian Defence
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In literature:
In music:
In medicine:
In organizations:
In television:

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